Cowshed #architecture #design

Yes, there are many great cowsheds out there. I picked up two that I found very intriguing, both of them nominated for AJ’s Small projects awards 2012.The first one is Shatwell Farm by Stephen Taylor architects. The reason I was drawn to this project is because it reminds me of a barn standing on the site in Italy that my studio is working on this semester:


The picture above shows the 19th century barn, very similar to the Shatwell Farm:

The colonnade at the front was constructed using dry mix concrete placed by hand and tamped manually – this is why day joints are visible giving the material a rammed earth look. The shed is a pre-fab steel structure clad in timber.

The other cowshed was designed by “the cowshed collective”  in 2012. It was constructed using reclaimed materials in a fanciful combination, and took about three weeks to complete.

Callan, Co Kilkenny, Ireland by The Cowshed Collective





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