Ultimate Instrument, a ‘Sound Box’

Previously I have introduced the complex Parco Della Musica, in other words ‘the City of Music’.

This project, designed by Renzo Piano, is totally devoted to music with determination from the early stage of design to sacrifice whatever is required in order to seek the perfection in terms of acoustics.

Although each of the three auditoriums are functionally and structurally slightly different, the concept and the approach for the acoustic quality is quite similar, not to say the all the same. The most important system that is established is the roofing system, it will not be a mistake if one describes that the roof is the key to 90 perscent of the this extraordinary design. it is constructed with several layers of material in order to create a almost transmission rate of 0 noise from the outside world and acoustic absorbing system for the music inside the structure.

The base and the most important material is the laminated wood beams that are in grids. This does not only aid to support the dead load of the whole structure but it also functions as the distribution for the sound. These beams are supported with steel structure, then covered with sheet of metal, which is followed by a reinforced concrete slab with the thick ness of 11cm. In addition, another but thinner concrete slab is set on this with the insulation material in between the structure where the connection is not connected in a rigid manner. Finally, it is all covered with lead, which is a traditional material used for roofing in the city of Rome, and this also helps for the completion of the soundproofing system.

This structural system required an extraordinary labour effort in terms of architectural design as well as the engineering. It was a difficult task to fulfill due to its unusual span of the halls, up to 54m in the biggest hall, with no support of columns and it has to bear a great entity of load applied to the whole structure.







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