Architecture and underwear in China and Germany

In the Chinese city of Suzhou an 88 storey pair of trousers (approximately 300 m) has been built with the official name “Gate of the Orient”. Designed by British RMJM, they promote their sustainability credentials in a funny way by ticking the box “boasting the most use of steel per unit volume in China”. Other boxes ticked includes the highest Suzhou-style Chinese classic garden, the deepest cellar in China, the highest overpass in China and the highest swimming pool in China.

The collage probably speaks for itself…

Architects still haven’t figured out how to design a building that resembles a gateway without making the structure look like something you normally wear. The Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, who I believe generally put into life some of the most intriguing designs in Europe at the time, also failed in his attempt. The result…

The citizens of Isny, a small village in Germany, have voted to veto this project. They were slightly disappointed with the fact that when they hired Zumthor, who is known for designing buildings that are rooted geographically in culture, materials and form, his proposal took another direction entirely. The tower was estimated to cost the city close to 20 million euros.


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