Villa Trissino and Andrea Palladio



Our site for this semester is located 20km south of Vicenza, and is part of a small town called Meledo. The map below shows the south part of Meledo, and the site is marked blue. All buildings by Andrea Palladio are listed on UNESCOs world heritage list, and so the blue layer on the map represents the UNESCO zone.

Site map 1_1250

What is currently standing in terms of buildings on the site are two segments of a grand villa called villa Trissino, designed by Andrea Palladio, but a project that was never fully realized. Full original plan is below. Construction on site started in 1558 and lasted till about 1562. Today, only a part of the wing (bottom right on the plan below) stands, as well as a second loggia across the court (built later and not a part of Palladio’s drawings, but sits about in the middle of the plan below), an a rusticated gateway south of these. The existing segments do not correspond entirely to what Palladio has written about the project in his four books on architecture, and maybe the villa was never meant to be completed. It has also been pointed out that the published design is an elaboration of the original project; what has been built conforms generally with the circumstances of he site.

5. Villa_Trissino_Meledo_Quattro_Libri

Site collage

The villa on the right hand side looking out over the fields


IMG_011g - Kopi

The villa sits next to the canal – very idyllic!


IMG_0112 - Kopi

The later addition to the complex can be seen back in the picture


IMG_0218 - Kopi

Inside the villa


IMG_0286 - Kopi

Typical Meledo streetscape with an abandoned church to the left and the villa to the right



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