Semester 1 final project











Below is a selection of work submitted for the final semester 1 project. We were asked to design a room for dining in, and to focus on the making of a 1:20 model of the room with material and spacial representation as key aspects to think about. The studio I am in is 50/50 interior designers and architects, and the brief was challenging us to design from inside out – meaning that the exterior is defined by the interior, and that we had to pay great attention to even the smallest detail of the interior. This approach was very different from last year, and probably from other second year studios, where we worked much more from the outside  to the inside and with more focus on the building in context. I think this project was a good rehearsal for the final project that we will start on in  a week or so.

Collage concept model

Development model in context

Collage concept model 2

Development model in context

Collage night 1

Development model


Final model

Model 1

Final model

Perspective 1

Building in context

The design was incorporating two existing walls on the site, that together with Chiswick house and the wing building (seen in the perspective above) formed a courtyard. I wanted to make the courtyard a sheltered space that could be used on different occasions, and the main entrance to the dining room is therefor located here.The dining room is a light box sitting on top of a plinth, resembling a rusticated base on which a piano nobile would sit in a classical building, and is placed under a large roof supported by a simple set of columns.

Long section Site section Front elevation


First floor

Long elevation

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