Lecture with Pierre D’Avoine

Attended an evening lecture in uni with the London based architect Pierre D’Avoine today.
I found his thoughts on urban planning quite interesting – how cities are becoming increasingly denser and how this can be approached. He worked on a design called “invisible house”, which to me seems to be more a module that can be applied, rather than a site specific project. It is a building, partly elevated below ground, situated in a courtyard on a suburban back garden site in London. It is designed with reconfigurable open internal spaces with an integrated “garden”, and “offers a means of densifying suburban areas without encroaching on existing neighbours.”

In another project called “one site fits all”, a series of orthogonal shaped modules are configurated in a grid and designed so that they can be pre-fabricated and put on site. In this project too, buildings are designed for tomorrow, meaning that they allow changes to be made to them and the way they are configured. The modules are assembled in a linear sequence around communal garden squares.




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