Norwegian fire station

After leaving Norway to study in England, I have learned a lot about architecture from all over the world – really important buildings indeed, but i feel sort of outdated when it comes to Norwegian architecture. Therefor, I decided to have a look at some projects that inspires me from back home, so that I won’t forget where i am from….

First out is the new fire station in my own city, Bergen, by Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter. Here is a building with great architectural qualities, but because it is not open for regular visitors, as for example a concert hall, it becomes sort of a distant object that is “just there”.

The building sits on a site next to the main thoroughfare in to the city. It is slightly arched and enclosing a large space open towards the water. Offices and all other facilities appear as hovering over a large garage that occupies the whole ground floor.

The part of the fire station facing the road is clad in standing seam copper with a brown-red coulour, working well with the larch clad facade facing inwards to the more private enclosed space.

For Norwegian readers more work by the architects can be found here


2 thoughts on “Norwegian fire station

  1. A very fine building indeed. Until now it has had a pretty large area for itself. It will be interesting to see how much the neighbour building that’s supposed to be ready next year (I believe) will impact it.

    • Very true – when the school and swimming centre is finished the only building making this area very unattractive is the bus terminal! Despite of this though, a new part of the city becomes open to the public, which definitely is a good thing.

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