Building made from water

Sounds like a bad idea?

A group of designers did actually come up with a scheme where water was a key ingredient. They designed a Digital water pavilion for the Expo Zaragoza 2008 in Spain, where the four exterior walls are created by recycled water continuously falling from the roof, which is also covered by a thin layer of water. The whole roof can be lowered in case of too much wind – it can actually be lowered all the way to the ground making the “building” appear as just a pond. A few intricate finesses are implemented in the design giving it very digital look; pre-programmed graphics are formed by actual breaks, or air gaps, in the water falling form the roof; to get into the building, the same mechanisms creating the graphics are connected to sensors, so when a person approaches the falling water, an air gap is created and you can enter without drowning. Inside there is an exhibition space and a cafe.

MIT’s DIGITAL WATER PAVILION, Carlorattiassociati, Expo Zaragoza 2008, recycled water, digital buildings


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