Classisism lite

Classisism lite – maybe not a proper academic description of contemporary architecture with roots in the classical language, but I think that as a term it can compliment other terms like “stripped classisism” or “neo-Classism” (which are terms you would find in a dictionary”. As a response to the design brief we have going on at the moment, where we are asked to design a building on a site situated within Chiswick gardens and next to Chiswick house, a very fine example of Palladianism from the 1700s, it goes without saying that we have to do some research on classical architecture and the background for the design of Chiswick. I will write a post about the interior and space planning in this type of architecture later. Without writing too much, I’ll just put up some images next to each other for the sake of comparing different buildings from different times, based on the same architectural language.

Chiswick House

Lincoln Memorial Washington

Lincoln Memorial Washington – Henry Beacon

Zeppelin Grandstand, around 1938

Albert Speer – Zeppelin Grandstand, around 1938

Aldo Rossi

Aldo Rossi in perugia

Giorgio Grassi -berlin

Giorgio Grassi

David Chipperfield

David Chipperfield


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