Research boom – museum in China

I was writing an essay on recycled brick when I suddenly stumbled across a Chinese museum awkwardly similar to the design I have been working on the last few months. My precedence study was obviously not thorough enough – something to work on next year!

The museum is Ningbo History Museum by Wang Shu & Lu Wenyu architects. It is a giant building that on first glimpse might look like it has been standing on the site for centuries. The building is, however, clad with recycled brick in more than 20 different colours from the area giving the distinctive weathered and aged appearance. The building’s facade is based on an old Chinese construction technique called wapan tiling, a tradition of emergency wall building in regions subject to frequent typhoons, and the architect combined this old building technique with modern technical approaches in the process of designing this unique structure.

My scheme with two monolithic buildings bisected by a wide, public staircase. A perforated wall is seen in the bike shop

Ningbo History Museum

The different building materials included in the facade are clearly contrasting

Ningbo History Museum

Ningbo History Museum

Ningbo History Museum

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