Design update – concept and form

We have a final review coming up next Monday, and we are all working 20/7 getting our thought together and commencing on our final drawings and models. As posted previously, we are asked to design a bike shop and an additional program, be it a cafe, a gallery space, a community space etc. (I am doing a small cafe and a gallery/ community space). The buildings are located in Hackney Wick. My site is the yellow dot. The Olympic site is Eastwards and Central London is Southwards.

I have been working on many sketch models to test out different alternatives for a design. The building at the top in the pictures is the cafe and community space, and the bike shop is the lower one. The foot path leading up to the train station is running diagonally from right to left. Here is a series of sketch models I made to test proposals in context.

Early sketch model

Close to the final design

They are based on the concept of two volumes, one on each side of the footpath leading up to the train station, treated as masses as part of the landscape and where openings are carved out, or subtracted from the volumes. The result is two buildings with a strong presence in the landscape and monolithic in their appearance, as a gateway to Hackney Wick for people arriving by train at the station for the first time. On the contrary they do, in terms of materiality and size, communicate with the other old brick structures in the area.

The “spine” of the project is the staircase bisecting the bike shop an running straight up to the train platform. It is connecting the buildings in an interesting way, and has the practical function of taking people straight up to the platform from ground level, rather than they would have to walk all the way up to the platform via the foot path.

Bike shop

Bike shop interior. I am currently working on the facade and interior in this building, so this is not final.


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