Beautiful houses: Roly House by Bruno Erpicum (might be my favorite house)

This residential house renovated by Bruno Erpicum architects might actually be one of the finest work of architecture I have seen till now. The transformation of a small stone and brick masonry tool shed into a family home is carried out amazingly sophisticated and elegant. The most characteristic feature of the project is probably the glass box extension which is a continuation of the living room, and opens fully up to its surroundings. The building is appealing both materially and in terms of a relatively generous living area achieved within such a small building – by adding only a mezzanine level and a small extension to it the structure went from being a room for storage to a fully functional habitable space.

Glass box extension which one can get to from the kitchen area

Left: Bedroom, which is elevated above the kitchen on a mezzanine floor level Right: Kitchen and living room, and on the right hand side a staircase leading up to the bedroom

Inside the glass box - looks peaceful!

Staircase leading up to bedroom and dining area. Behind the staircase is the main entrance


A small window is letting light flow in to the bedroom

Looking in through the main entrance to the glass box extension

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