From concept to building – View House by Johnston MarkLee & Diego Arraigada Arquitecto

The view house, completed in 2009 in Argentina, is a piece of architecture where the overall geometry was driven by the desire to frame specific views of the surrounding landscape. Each window opens up to a unique view by varying in height, orientation and depth. The internal circulation is running as a 360 degree path from ground floor to second floor and culminating in a staircase leading to a panoramic roof deck.

01_View_ Diagrams Diagram

04_View_ Site plan

03_View_Collage Views collage

1253074264-16-casa-view © Gustavo Frittegotto

1253074273-17-casa-view © Gustavo Frittegotto

1253074282-18-casa-view © Gustavo Frittegotto

1253074295-19-casa-view © Gustavo Frittegotto

1253074304-20-casa-view © Gustavo Frittegotto

1253074120-08-casa-view © Gustavo Frittegotto



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