Model making in plaster

I have the last couple of days been working on a tectonic project, where the brief was to build a 1:20 model based on technical drawing of a house that the tutor had made. We were groups of 3, and each group were asked to make 1 load bearing construction, 1 cast construction and 1 frame construction. I ended up with cast, and made my model of plaster – not an easy task!


First off I made the molds. Made some of them in mdf, and varnished them. The loose pieces shaping the cast were screwed to the wood with the intention to make it easier taking things apart after casting. It didn’t work out as intended because the varnish worked almost like glue and made the loose mdf-pieces stick to the base which caused some of the parts to break. I made some molds in foam board, and they worked well and so I redid the remaining molds of this. The main problem was that all the pieces had to be 1.5 cm thick, and around the windows and doors the plaster was only 1.5×1.5 cm in width and thickness, which is really hard to work with without breaking anything. As I mentioned, the scale was 1:20, which makes it quite a large model.

The model was almost done for the pin up today, so I’ll finish it off and make in better looking till the final submission – and I will to a certain degree know what I am doing!


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