How about a container?

In terms of flexibility, efficiency and sustainability, I think these prefab/ recycled container solutions are worth looking at. And aesthetically they look better than most standard large scale housing developments in grey, worn-out concrete….

Trinity Bouy Wharf in the London Docklands is the home to Container City I and II. All the containers are recycled shipping containers stocked together to create a 5 storey building. The flexible system of containers being linked together in different permutations to create livable and adaptable spaces like this, made it possible to develop the concept further and build office spaces, retails spaces, youth centres, artist studios, classrooms and so on. The container city projects are the work of Urban Space Management, who’s approach is to utilize shipping containers no longer in use for their original intentions. Cool to see how objects are transformed and given a new purpose!

Bellow is another container project, a student housing development in Le Havre in France by Cattani Architects. The housing consists of 100 old shipping containers, placed within a steel frame grid construction.


And lastly, a container project for an architect’s studio in Japan. Also here, the containers are arranged within a steel frame grid, and stacked on top of each other. The distinct feature with the office is that it is a temporary construction, so the structure may be disassembled and reconstructed elsewhere.



3 thoughts on “How about a container?

  1. So…Yeah great post !

    I had an idea once but it looks like in today s world we don’t need RE-USABLE space ! Imagine… that each time that an Olympic Village get’s in town the local economy grows due to people curiosity… IMAGINE that each time it is shipped away after the EVENT the locals get a nice park and green spaces… wouldn’t be nice eh ?! Or imagine if… the Village itself is shipped somewhere in the world, to people in NEED, after the show ! Wouldn’t be nice eh !? Imagine if LOGOs were stamped on the containers… Yes SPONSORS. Uh-Uh ! S_P_O_N_S_O_R_I_Z_E_D olympic villages !!! WWWOWWW NO MORE LOCAL OR NATIONAL DEBT for JUST AN AMAZING ( lets be honest here ) EVENT. Eh Mr. Green, WAKE UP ! All the structure is already in place for this kind of ” NEW THINKING ”. ALL. WORLDWIDE. EVEYWHERE.

    For those who are interested in this IDEA well… STEAL IT. Maybe YOU you’ll be able to drop a POSSIBLE way to do this on the Olympic commitee desk,

    Maybe in another world eh ?! Let your conscience go people.

    Imagine all the people… living…. in peace. Thank you John but no thanks.

    ( humanitarian, military, refugee camps, local disasters… pick one. )

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