Back to Hackney Wick – Sketches’n stuff

We got our design brief a few day ago, so it was time to go back to Hackney Wick and do some site specific research. One thing that was not very hard to notice was that once again the wall at one of the houses in White Post Lane had been re-painted…

The middle one was a piece commissioned by Coca Cola, but only a week or so after it was finished, someone painted over it with grey paint and left the letters HW stand out (you can see a faint Coca Cola logo in the top right corner on the building). I am not sure who did it, but in the area there are lots of posters about how evil and corrupt the Coca Cola is. It is interesting to see how the local community reacts to an international commercial company coming in and promoting themselves.

The site I am working with is the slope running down from the train station (on the left hand side in the picture) including the pathway and the parking lot (on the right hand side). It is a bit tricky because of the slope to properly incorporate the pathway.

View from the site


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