Charles Street Jail reborn as luxury hotell

Charles Street Jail in Boston was built in the 1850s, and was of obvious reasons not intended as a place to spend the night voluntarily. The prison housed some of the East coast’s most notorious criminals for more than 120 years, but in 1973  the prison was shut down due to the state of the prison building.

I dag huser bygget et nytt luksushotell.


The old prison building was grade listed in the 90s, and after an extensive renovation and refurbishing it opened as a luxury hotel in 2007. The architects tried to preserve as much as possible of the stone building and its history and character. In one of the restaurants the dinner guests can look through original steel barred doors and windows while eating, and the 18 rooms which are built inside of the original jail are honest in their appearance exposing the old rough brick walls.

Hotell med smak av fengsel er en uvanlig kombinasjon.

Liberty Hotel i Boston var tidligere kjent som fengslet Charles Street Jail.

I Boston har man laget designhotell av et gammel fengsel.

Liberty Hotel het før Charles Street Jail.



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