Florin Court and Hercule Poirot

A couple of weeks back I was walking around in London, when suddenly I stumbled over one rather intreresting piece of architecture. It was the Florin Court, an Art Deco residential building situated on the eastern side of Charterhouse Square in Smithfield, London. Quite close to Barbican actually.

I thought that I remembered the Florin Court from somewhere, and I thought that it looked abit like the building where Hercule Poirot has his office. I could not make sence of it though, because I also remembered a highway right outside of the building. However, when I googled it, it turned out to be what I thought it was!

What really caught my eyes, is first of all how the building stands out from its surroundings in terms of material and the organic shaped facade. Also notice how the windows are following the facade into the curves without popping out, or in any other way make the facade look messy.


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